Four Invitations Into the Unknown

Invitation 1 for ” The Environment as a Witness” exhibition.

(in Hebrew “הסביבה כעדות”).

The four different invitations I issued for my coming up exhibition  ” The Environment as a Witness”, borrowed their title  from a preprint on quantum mechanics by the same name, with the secondary title:  “Selective Proliferation of Information and Emergence of Objectivity in a quantum Universe”. see here.

A  perhaps somewhat tricky quotation from  the abstract may convey the  flavor of the article and his resonance on the exhibition:

…”We study the role of the information deposited in the environment of an open quantum system in course of the decoherence process. Redundant spreading of information — the fact that some observables of the system can be independently “read-off” from many distinct fragments of the environment — is investigated as the key to effective objectivity, the essential ingredient of “classical reality”.”…

However, in plain English, the meaning is: how we the common humans, aka this article, agree together to see what seems to us the same objective reality made  from ‘ .. many distinct fragments of the environment “….

As someone whose trade is to making pictures from what he sees, this allover passing agreement on a reality based on an unseen quantum substrate is an intriguing mystery.

So, if I want to marry human mysteries with quantum mysteries in an art gallery,  for the human side of this marriage, a good story is  Night Watch (Russian: Ночной дозор, Nochnoy Dozor) a fantasy novel by Russian writer Sergei Lukyanenko:

…”The story revolves around a confrontation between two opposing supernatural groups (known as “Others”): the Night Watch, an organization dedicated to policing the actions of the Dark Others—and the Day Watch, which polices the actions of the Light Others.”..

Additional story details can draw a speculative parallel between the human  reality and the underlying quantum mysteries:

“In the story’s worldline there exists a magical realm beneath the surface of all things—referred to as the Twilight (or Gloom in other translations). The action in the novel centers on a group of people referred to as the Others—human beings who tapped into the Twilight and gained supernormal abilities. The Others were the humans (shamans, soothsayers, and wisemen) from long ago who figured out how to step into the Twilight. However, the Others are different from humans, they are born as Others. Humans are not able (at least in the first part of the tetralogy) to become Others.” .. see here.

The novel was made into a movie in 2004 by by the Kazakhstan-born film director Timur Bekmambetov, see here.

The movie was my visual source for the human side drawings I made in a pseudo comics style. The ‘performed  marriage’ on the invitation  is best seen in invitation 2 (below) where the left hand side is in pixelike form hinting to the quantum mysteries and the right hand side hint to the human mysteries.

Is it a happy marriage or not ? Where mysteries are involved who knows..


Invitation 2 for ” The Environment as a Witness”.

Invitation 3 for ” The Environment as a Witness”.

Invitation 4 for ” The Environment as a Witness”,


Israel. Tel Aviv. ‘The Kibbutz, Art Gallery’.  The exhibition is through May 14. Curated by Yael Keni. ‘

Sex, Dolls, Robots, Love and Marriage

 Doll Kiss

 Artificial intelligence researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands recently completed (Oct 12, 2007) his Ph.D. work on the subject of human-robot relationships. 

His work reminds me of “The Caves of Steel“, from Asimov, where Elijah Baley, the human detective, and R. Daneel Olivaw his number 2 robot detective, preludes in 1954  the story of an human-robot relationship  bearing a great likelihood to what Levy to day proposes … (I quote) “In his thesis, “Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners,” [he] conjectures that robots will become so human-like in appearance, function and personality that many people will fall in love with them, have sex with them and even marry them…”It may sound a little weird, but it isn’t,” Levy said. “Love and sex with robots are inevitable.”

  To day, (I quote), “There are companies that already sell realistic sex dolls, “and it’s just a matter of adding some electronics to them to add some vibration,” he said, or endowing the robots with a few audio responses. “That’s fairly primitive in terms of robotics, but the technology is already there.”..

  An article from Reuters, “Japan’s lonely hearts turn to dolls for sex, company” provide further insight. (I quote).”Real love is hard to find for one Japanese man, who has transferred his affection and desires to dozens of plastic sex dolls.
When the 45-year-old, who uses a pseudonym of Ta-Bo, returns home, it’s not a wife or girlfriend who await him, but a row of dolls lined up neatly on his sofa.
  Each has a name. Ta-Bo often watches television with his toys before bathing them, powdering them so that their skin feels more human, dressing them in lingerie and then taking them to bed.
  “A human girl can cheat on you or betray you sometimes, but these dolls never do those thing. They belong to me 100 percent,” says the engineer who has spent more than 2 million yen ($16,000) over the past decade on the dolls
  “Sometimes it takes too much time before I can have sex with the person I meet. But with these dolls, it’s just a matter of a click of the mouse. With one click, they are delivered to you.”, see more here.




  Now Levy…” argues that psychologists have identified roughly a dozen basic reasons why people fall in love, “and almost all of them could apply to human-robot relationships. For instance, one thing that prompts people to fall in love are similarities in personality and knowledge, and all of this is programmable. Another reason people are more likely to fall in love is if they know the other person likes them, and that’s programmable too.”…

  This may be the remedy for lonely man and women by letting them ‘buy a women’ embodied in “dolls”, programed to their special affinities and in the future with new legislation to married them and live in a new family form.

(I quote)…”My forecast [says Levy] is that around 2050, the state of Massachusetts will be the first jurisdiction to legalize marriages with robots,” …” “Massachusetts is more liberal than most other jurisdictions in the United States and has been at the forefront of same-sex marriage,” Levy said. “There’s also a lot of high-tech research there at places like MIT.”,

  And finally, possible pro and con of getting married to a robot are perhaps,
(I quote)…”In a marriage or other relationship, one partner could be jealous or consider it infidelity if the other used a robot,” Levy said. “But who knows, maybe some other relationships could welcome a robot. Instead of a woman saying, ‘Darling, not tonight, I have a headache,’ you could get ‘Darling, I have a headache, why not use your robot?’ “, see here.

doll lipstick



Sculpture 2

Sculpture 3

The last three pictures are sculptures and  come from here.

Sex doll



I published this story on NowPublic and add here the comments by  NowPublic editors and contributing members.
good stuff:It would be really awkward to get the Blue Screen of Death during a robot wedding ceremony…
 … This may be the case because  “A Cobbler goes Barefoot”…Thanks for the flag.

This highlights how much we all need affection and closeness, even if it’s a “pretend” closeness.
Barbara, we always look with admiration at the technology involved in making a robot, but you put your finger on the main point, human closeness or quasi-human-closeness (robots) is what we strive for.  

good stuff:korzac, Yet another Good stuff flag.

I watched an television show “Sin City” where all the rage in Japan are “Comfort houses” in Japan that cater to bashful Japanese gentlemen whose fantasies are to have sex with dolls similar to these, though not as robotic, but just as acrobatic.   These dolls, prices ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 dollars US are dressed in various outfits ranging from French Maid to Schoolgirl uniforms and the price for an hour with your Latex beauty? About $200.00 an hour and up depending on your taste and fetish. For that price it was stated to one customer sitting on the bed beside his latex horizontal schoolgirl that you could hire a real live prostitute next door, to which the sheepish twenty something customer responded in some unintelligable gibberish as he caressed his prostrate willing “Love Doll”, indicating to the Sin City interviewer that perhaps this interview was over. Apparently sanitization is not an issue as removable clothing, wigs, mouth pieces and various orfices are are removed/replaced or just flushed out and sterilized, leading many paying and willing Clients to believe ‘Sloppy Seconds” are a thing of the past. 

I tried to find the Sin City Show on Google without success. What I did find below is a MacLeans link for Japanese Love Dolls and the growing trend to Sex without Mutual Intimacy. What a warped world we live in today, and there are actually Live people willing to pay for all this! see here.

 I thing that with all the rush around us in this effervescent society, some people want to find, if only for one hour, a quiet non-committed place where they don’t have to explain anything and where nobody ask them question, where they feel close only to themselves and to the silent doll…I would call it ‘Self Intimacy’…Barry thanks for the flag.BTW, there are more extreme stories. look at this link, this storie is not so far from the Futurama picture… it his here, to day!

This story also coincides with Fox Television’s Futurama where Timetraveler Fry from the 1990’s is stuck a 1,000 years into the future and realises he can build his own Fembot, and being a Lucy Lui fan from the 1990’s enjoys his fantasy to the fullest.  Will it be long before these inventors start building robotic celebrity dolls for a emotionally challenged public?  They probably already have.
jordan super-editor-copy.jpg jordan  at 13:55 on October 28th, 2007
It’s already happened! Not robots, but virtual celebrity, anyway. In 2000, producers created a virtual popstar. It’s only a small step beyond consensus-scripted, lip-synch-driven boy bands: the human element is only for packaging anyway. Reminds me of Norman Spinrad’s old-school classic Little Heroes.Still, though, we’re talkin’ about actual, full-on robots here. I’ve suspected Madonna for a while now: being that energetic onstage for more than 30 years is just not human!The future is here– and it’s available at strip malls. 

Makes one wonder what goes on in the minds of men.  Why go plastic when real women are fantastic.  Oh wait, latex boob jobs, silicone lip implants, plastic surgery, fake hair, extensions, coloured contact lenses,  liposuction, makeup with glue-on eyelashes and nails, teeth veneers for that hollywood fake smile to go with the fake tan. Aw Crap…Okay, fine I will reiterate then, “Real women” are “Quasi moto Fantastic”.
 default-member.jpg mrjones  at 23:01 on November 3rd, 2007
I think sex dolls are going to be a huge market in the future as sex dolls become more lifelike. The real questions is will they be more affordable so the masses will have a chance to own a sex doll and not just a select few.

Great article, indeed. I think, sex dolls are, as the name suggests, dolls for sex and that’s it. Their existance is no doubt important for some men and… under some circumstances. Personally, as a woman, I have nothing against sex dolls rarely used, and for sex release, purely. However, men shouldn’t reject real women in favour of sex dolls, since sex dolls and robots have nothing to do with intimate relationships, love and marriage. Unfortunately, the demand of sex dolls grows each day, and it means that men want to avoid the reality. The behaviour of these men is somewhat unhealthy, at least in my opinion.


 The Movie ‘Lars and the Real Girl’presenting a funny and affectionate story… I quote…”Lars and the Real Girl is another really different film, especially different for up-and-comer Ryan Gosling… . Gosling plays the extremely troubled Lars, who is so lonely that he resorts to buying a sex doll online. After he introduces ‘Bianca’ to the family, he keeps adding on little details here and there about her life and everything, and the whole town just plays along. The premise and script are especially good, along with the fun little cast and a really funny ending. This is just such a cute and easy movie to like, and at times you even feel like the doll is alive. Lars and the Real Girl never disappoints—it’s one of the best and strangest films I’ve seen all year.”….see more here


Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl in the Dnning Room



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