The Goldstone Encounter with the Hamas Terrorism and Israel’s Defence War

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Justice Richard Goldstone.

A few days ago Sky News reported a couple of news mentioning the name Goldstone. The first was about an outbreak of the e-coli disease in the Goldstone pet farm ( Surrey, UK),  and the second was the Goldstone commission report about the Cast Lead war between Israel and the Hamas. . I was almost temped to say:  perhaps another sort of disease, breed in the Universal Human Rights laboratories specifically targeting Israel.

Well, no, the report is not a disease. Ex judge Richard Goldstone is an honorable men. His credentials as a Zionist and Israel lover are beyond doubts. He is a first rate jurist with overwhelming experience in war crimes jurisdiction.

So this Zionist Israel lover is the men accusing Israel of war crimes, putting her in the same league as the Nazi criminals in the Nirenberg Trials. He is not drawing a demarcation lines between the premeditated Wannsee plan of exterminating the Jews and in fact exterminating 6 million of them, and between Israel’s self defence war, causing 1300 war casualties mostly Hamas men.

Let me  remind to myself: the Cast Lead war was  only the final result of a 7 year shelling  of more than 8000 qassam rockets  targeting  half a million of civilians living in south Israel by the Hamas ,

So where is the catch? what is going wrong?

Well to say it frankly. Nothing is going wrong, there is no catch at all. Ex judge Goldstone report is viewing and judging the today terrorist warfare  trough the codex of WW2 war crimes .

He has taken a snapshot named the “Cast Lead” war, a war whose causes are fossilized deep into the report as not fitting directly in the overall  schema of what he sees as war crimes . Israel’s attempt to stop the rocket launching on his southern civilian population is, in his view, well fitting in his scheme of war crimes:

…”Israel is currently fighting under, and being judged by, the laws of World War II, which are suitable for conventional wars between two or more armies in open fields, where it is easier to define proportionality.

But what do you do when terrorists hide under homes, or when they don’t wear uniforms? What do you do when the enemy high command runs its operations from under a hospital located in a crowded neighborhood, as Hamas did during Cast Lead, using the basement of Shifa Hospital as a command and control center? It is clear that the existing laws of war are incompatible with the current and evolving nature of war”…, see here.

This is a situation of incompatibilities where hypothetical soldiers will be forced to ask in the middle of battle who is a civilian and who is a terrorist and meanwhile be killed and perhaps loosing a self defense war..

Ex judge Goldstone’s report does not provide much help to solve such incompatibilities or ‘minor’ problems. But on the other hand his report is a panacea for the terrorist who can now rely on his WW2 codex jurisdiction to continue without fear, from within any civilian population, be it in Afghanistan, Iraq or any other country or European capital, and perpetuate any crimes, and if civilians may be killed in the attempt of the local forces to stop them, the blame of war crimes will fall on the defenders.

What conclusions, if any, can be drawn from the encounter of ex judge Goldstone, Hamas terrorism and Israel defending her citizens. In the short run all are shouting in one great cacophony. Right wing speakers blame the world for his hypocrisy. See Obama in Afghanistan, Putin in Tchetchenia… etc. Leftists and fringe speakers accuse Israel for all the vicissitudes of the world, see the  boycotters from the UK, Toronto …etc.

But in the long run, and in our days the long run is relatively short, each of the belligerent parties will readjust himself to the new Goldstone conditions or fight them , fine tuning his intelligence capacities and improving his high-tech weaponry. The smarter will do the hack better. But if the Jihadist mentality  against Israel will prevail, then de facto, nothing will radically change for both sides. Israel and the Hamas will continue their clashes.

This is the world today, a ‘Rashomon‘ movie, telling a 21 century story staged in the high-tech third millennium under the auspice of the Goldstone report as a metaphor.

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Jean-Luc Godard “To Come or not to Come” to Israel

A story can always begin with a citation “From the Press”
Here is the first citation from the Jerusalem Post:
Jean-Luc Godard coming to Israel May 25, 2008
..”Fabled director and film theorist Jean-Luc Godard is coming to Israel for the 12th International Student Film Festival. He is attending as “a private citizen and eternal film student,” according to a statement by Godard. He will hold a talk with students at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on June 4. “….see here.
Here is a second citation from the YNETnews:
Godard pulls out of Israeli film festival 06.01.08,
…”Event official says celebrated French-Swiss movie maker ‘seems to have succumbed to pressure from pro-Palestinian groups who launched a campaign for people to boycott Jewish state’ “
…” ‘The cult film director had been due to arrive on Sunday but said he would not be attending for “reasons beyond his control,’ Morane Tal said.”
…”Although Godard did not define the cancellation as “political”, he chose to say he was calling off his ‘tour of Palestine, “. see more.
Well J.L. Godard, as a good movie director himself, should be asked a commissary Maigret question:  “What did change your mind, between May 25, 2008 16:33 and June 1, 2008 07:38, that caused you to pull out of the Israeli film festival”.
One possible commissary Maigret  answer could be, what Godard said to Morane Tal “He would not be attending for ‘reasons beyond his control’ “.
So a second question commissary Maigret could be  ask is ” Why did you lose control?”  A possible commissary Maigret  answer is “perhaps are you afraid of something, causing you to change your “Visit to Israel” into a cancellation of your “Tour In Palestine”. Commissary Maigret certainly will pay attention to the Freudian slip of “Visit to Israel” to “Tour In Palestine”.
Now, commissary Maigret may find it perplexing that the great film theorist J.L. Godard, before canceling his visit or tour to Israel or Palestine, whatsoever, did not read the ‘Jerusalem Post’ article:
“Palestinian industry of lies”…”Media manipulation has become strategic Arab weapon against Israel” and find out, I quote, …”A French court has acquitted Philippe Karsenty of libel charges over his claim that TV network France 2’s news report from the Netzarim junction in September 2000 was staged.”…” The revelations of the deceit in the al-Dura affair are a result of intense work by physicist Nahum Shahaf. He was followed by many good people from academia and the world of journalism who exposed the methods used by the Palestinian industry of lies to produce images that are etched in the collective memory via global media. This was succinctly defined by American Professor Richard Landes as “Pallywood.” see more.
I presume that J.L. Godard has faith in the french justice that acquitted Phillipe Karsenty , and I presume that, as a fabled director, he knows how to identify staged news.
So, quoting the open letter the Palestinians addressed to him on 25 May :
” Palestinian artists were devastated to learn that you shall visit Israel….to participate in a film festival in Tel Aviv [1], despite Israel’s decades-old colonial and racist policies against the indigenous people of Palestine. Your visit, particularly at this time of intensified Israeli war crimes in Gaza, can only help Israel’s incessant public relations efforts in covering up its persistent violation of international humanitarian law and universal human rights. Taking part in this festival is not art separated from politics, as if it can be; rather, it is a crude politicization of art, allowing it to become complicit.”..etc..etc,
Perhaps this open Palestinian letter to J.L. Godard contains many staged words as an integral part of the Palestine Industry of Lies? See more.

What would be the conclusion of commissary Maigret about J.L. Godard’s motivation ?