The Cover as a Promise

It is said that the Israelis and the Jews are the People of the Book, in reminiscence of the holy book known universally as the Hebrew Bible. Surprisingly the source of the name is from the Qur’an, see here. In modern Israel and the Jewish diaspora the People of the Book is an allusion to the individuals who read many books, not necessarily the Scriptures.

I am a member of the people who read a lot of books. When I buy a book my first look is at the cover. Covers of books hold for me a promise. They have the power to boost my imagination and curiosity and many times I buy a book because the cover design and art are enough to open my wallet. Not always a clever deed if the content does not fit into my expectation. My last resort to comfort myself for my foolishness is to argue that the cover by himself is worth the buy.

Anyway here below is a small  carpet made from covers of  books I’ve read:

Click on each cover picture to find more details about the book.

chabon013145224X.01._SY190_SCLZZZZZZZ_AXIOMATICCity of the endILLUSION-AUSTERCity of glass

DIASPORAA drifting lifeEMPEREUREonPat SteirChabon Yiddish

QuanticoOracle NigthLeebeus WOODS

For the readers who love cover art here are two links: ‘Cover Browser‘ and ‘ComicCovers‘.

And finally ‘to be in the mood’ here is the beautiful song by Tracy Chapman “The Promise”.

Dangerous Lingerie Under the Veil in Syria

Islamic veils does not prevent  Arabic women from normal human behavior. A symposium hold on August 24, 2007 (Khatt Kufi Kaffiya | Symposium on Arabic Visual Culture, see here), shows Arab lingerie in Syria.


(Syrian Lingerie – Image for the publication “The secret Life of Syrian lingerie: Intimacy and Design” This book will be published together with Scalo Publishers by the end of 2007. Photo by Omar al-Moutem)

  “The Arab street – its vibrancy, innovativeness, traditions of design and contemporary expression – has been obscured by geopolitical issues. Any attempt to deviate from the established line that the region is a place of war, religious fundamentalism or terrorism becomes virtually impossible particularly within the context of mainstream Western commercial publishing.”

  “My recently co-edited books, The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie, with Rana Salam, Transit Tehran – Young Iran and Its Inspirations, with Maziar Bahari, and Kaveh Golestan – Recording the Truth in Iran, with Hengameh Golestan, provide ample examples of the challenges facing books that show a different side of the Middle East.”

…..”However a more insidious problem exists. Books on the Arab and Iranian street, showcasing authenticity, are almost impossible to get published”…See more.


In an article ‘What lies beneath’ by Malu Halasa , published in the ‘NEWSTATESMAN’ on the  05 June 2006, I read:

“Syria – A conservative culture has produced some of the world’s most explicit – and bizarre – lingerie, as Malu Halasa discovers… In Damascus, sex is rarely discussed in public. Yet veiled women regularly appraise the contents of window displays featuring feathered bras, knickers and one-piece crocheted bodysuits with”…see more 




Lingerie Laws – Men Banned From Selling Lingerie in Sharjah, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait…”Ultra-conservative countries have passed new laws barring men from working in lingerie shops. Only women can be hired as salespersons and shops who fail to comply are being shut down”…..”There are similar rules for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, however, shopkeepers complain that it is difficult to find women salesmen for the job in such a conservative atmosphere. ( “, (see more).


Fitnah Lingerie in Damascus see here.