A Search Already Buried in You

Here is the accompanying description of my video “The Inevitable Search 1939-1945”:

“Many times a short movie is like a drawing shaping itself into a durable memory. However I suspect that some storage cells in my brain..prepared
this inevitable encounter… or is it merely a perpetual ongoing search.”

…And searching something new is already a guess that it is already “Buried in You” . That is weird? But no. It is the common procedure of arranging known things in an unknown manner. It is the recombination of events sound and pictures.. It is the faking of redundancy. It is a tautology. But it is always a big surprise.

The Espresso Mode Improvisation

Sometimes a word or a picture triggers a memory deeply entrenched in your brain. The vimeo HD video ESPRESSO” has the evocative power of recreating flavors and mindsets  when drinking an espresso.

Here are a few pictures and drawings improvised  from ‘nowhere’..

Before drinking I look ….Click on the picture to see the video.

Colors and smells.. Click on the picture to enlarge.

She don’t like espresso it’s a bad romance… Click on the picture to hear and see Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”.

After effect  espresso.. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Gold brown powder is beautiful..  Click on the picture to enlarge.

Fearful espresso.. Click on the picture to enlarge.

The quantum espresso men..

To finish,

To my great dismay, after finishing the pictures ‘decorated’ with the word “Expresso”, I found that the word  ‘Espresso‘ is perhaps more adequate. But being to lazy to rework the pictures , I found to my great relief that, I quote:

…”Many Latin based countries, such as France, Spain, and Portugal, use the Expresso form. In the United States and Canada, both espresso and expresso are used.  Italy uses the term espresso, substituting most x letters in Latin root words with s; x is not considered part of the standard Italian alphabet.”…see here.

So, coming myself  from Europe, I have the strong feeling that I may stick, unpunished, to the word Expresso.