‘Avatars’ of Awagne 1944, Belgium

The hard decision of Mr Willy Kelner in 1944.  General Patton’s tanks where not far from the Commognes.   Willy and Marie Antoinette Kelner persuaded the Wehrmacht soldiers to laid down their arms and reassembled them near the church to give them food and tea. In the evening the Waffen SS Soldiers evacuated the Wehrmacht and take their place, After a few days of hard fighting the Waffen SS  retreated. In the evening, I and all the people of Awagne rushed to the church to see Patton’s tanks entering Awagne. For me this was the end of the war. 

Awagne 1944: an avatar

Awagne the church

Marie Antoinette and Willy Kelner: an avatar.

!943, pres des Commognes

I and willy Kelner: an avatar


  Awagne, the church.


Avatar, Photoshop and Warp Tool

I used Digibody’s Caricature Maker (see here) to make this picture., opened here in Photoshop  cs2.


Open a A4 page with 120 pixel/inch and drag in. Scale to a greater size.


Select the head with the square selection tool and now use the warp tool.

Avatar warp tool

I ‘warped’ to get the above result. You do the same untill you see what you like.


I added a local warp by selecting the mouth and added the body, simply drawing with the mouse.

avatar body

Now, using the Paint Bucket Tool, I put in flat colors as I liked them. You do the same with your preferences.

The colored Avatar

The full picture:

real size avatar