About korzac

Born in Belgium. Residing in Israel...studied economics and math...was a former kibbuts manager. Today I am a visual artist ... .

Rules for an escapism

..”There is a rule that physicist often use to separate classical physics from quantum.  If Planck’s constant appears in the equations, it is quantum physics. If it doesn’t, it is classical physics.”…

1o propositions for a better world…………..


Quantum foam…..

Defects as a new visualization tool for a blind artist……

The decoherencer ( a science fiction character ) is the big blind random regulator…..

…Style in art. Academic rules. How to hang an art piece in my salon. Not on the wall but inside the wall, a tunneling picture. A tunneling art particle as a “Calder mobile”.. Putting my memories in the environment not in the internet cloud. I was downloaded from  my environment into my local reality. Translated from one discipline to another discipline. What is a Roy Lichtenstein + a Rembrandt.. a new blindness ?

I am blind to many objects, how to get away from my blindness….I make defects in my works. A new sort of Darwinism arise from leftovers situated in my statistical averaged me…..The new manifest for a decoherenced world ( because this is the only world that my blindness see and is aware of)…

What is a Herzl before downloaded to my classical world

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     And after the “download” in my classical world…


The angel of Bernard d’Espagnat, he sees directly my configuration, not my classical “me” but what was before my downloading ……



Meanwhile 3 pictures emerge from a heat bath…*

*Decohere from some environment…loose their quantum characteristics…

….So I and you can see this portrait of a man///

….So I and you are seeing Yoske and myself as stabilized art…

so  art is some stabilized “goody”  in my local “environment” …..




My cousin Yoske and I

Shlomo                                                                     Yoske (1924-2017)                                                                                                                                                 From Zdunska Wola via WW2 to L.A.