..decoherence of my little shtetele

Anonymous, Identity, Diffusion

Anonymous, Identity, Diffusion

Diffusion of an E-motion

Diffusion of an E-motion


The Diffusion of my Identity

The Diffusion of my Identity


“Creating personalized diffusion  filters

Create your own filters, if you are so inclined. To add a filter, start with YOUR preferences and click on “Add Filter” at the bottom left corner [///////]. Personalized filters may not replace the benefits of well-maintained blacklists ,,,,,,,, but they’re very useful for blocking specific content . For example, if you wanted to prevent interaction with [////////], you could add the following filter:[|||||||] .

Pseudo excerpt From: “cryptoparty-handbook-2013-08-21.epub.” iBooks.



Non Communicative …..Poems


  Non Communicative …..Poems


Passwords are a primary point of vulnerability

  • in email communication.



Even a secure password can be read in transit

unless the connection is secure (see TLS/SSL in the glossary). In addition,


just because a password is long doesn’t mean it cannot be guessed

by using knowledge of you and your life

to determine likely words and numbers.

The general rule for creating…

 is that it should be long (8 characters or more)…


…Combining your birthday with that of a family name

is however a great example of how not to do it.

(See Here)

The Chorus


1   What I Will Say and Do!!

Jīntiān “jiéshù

zài běn cì zhǎnhuì shàng, gè zhǎn suǒ cháng jīng yī língchuān, cóng guónèi wài qǐyè CM de guānzhù, rìběn de dì yī hè gōngzhòng chéngwéi guówài méitǐ de yìshùjiā de zuòpǐn, fēngfù duōcǎi de shàngshēng hé wèilái de zuòjiā “bān” dào yǐnjìn de zuòpǐn. Tóngshí sā shàng gōngsī hé dàxué de chàngyì, zhè shì jīzhì hé dàjiā yóukè de gè zhǒng yùndòng de kēxué. Chùmō biǎoxiàn lì “yùndòng” dài lái de, shì guānchá, jiù kěyǐ liǎo jiè jiégòu de jīngyàn, juédé shǐ shìqíng de xǐyuè, shì jí kāifā, bìng zàicì yào kǎolǜ zhǎnlǎn de kēxué hé jìshù shèjì de guānxì. Zhǎn yìshùjiā: Gōngzuò shì zhǔ wū,NamaHisashi mài +ānzhù chúnrén, jiānyě shāngkǒu +tíng èr,KishiRyo,Kuwakubo,Shoi rén (bó bào táng de i-gōngzuò shì/ HACKist), zuǒténg yǎyàn +yòufālādǐ hé,Jimoun, yùtou língmù,Naritatatsuya, shòu diàn gōng,Niruzu-wò ēr kè, téngběn chāngpíng, zhǎo cāng zhēnxiàng, ōu jǐ lǐ dé (zuǒténg yǎyà)

By Google Translate:

“End today

In this exhibition, the exhibition director Seiichi Hishikawa that attention from home and abroad in the corporate CM, Japan’s first and public become foreign media artists work, colorful by the up-and-coming writers “moving” to introduce the works. Also sprinkled initiatives with companies and universities, it is the Science of various movements of the mechanisms and everyone of visitors. Touch the expressive power “movement” brings, is observed, it is possible to understand the structure experience, to feel the joy of making things, is the development and again to consider the exhibition a relationship of design of science and technology.
Exhibition Artist: Atelier main house, NamaHisashi Mai + Azumi Hitoshi, Kanno wounds + stopped two, KishiRyo, Kuwakubo, Shoi Hitoshi (Hakuhodo i-studio / HACKist), Masahiko Sato + Euphrates, Jimoun, Taro Suzuki, Naritatatsuya, pantograph , Niruzu-Volker, Fujimoto Shohei, Numakura truth, Euclid (Masahiko Sato)



在本次展会上,各展所长精一菱川,从国内外企业CM的关注,日本的第一和公众成为国外媒体的艺术家的作品,丰富多彩的上升和未来的作家“搬”到引进的作品。同时撒上公司和大学的倡议,这是机制和大家游客的各种运动的科学。触摸表现力“运动带来的,是观察,就可以了解结构的经验,觉得使事情的喜悦,是集开发,并再次要考虑展览的科学和技术设计的关系。展艺术家:工作室主屋,NamaHisashi麦+安住淳仁,菅野伤口+停二,KishiRyo,Kuwakubo,Shoi仁(博报堂的i-工作室/ HACKist),佐藤雅彦+幼发拉底河,Jimoun,芋头铃木,Naritatatsuya,受电弓,Niruzu-沃尔克,藤本昌平,沼仓真相,欧几里得(佐藤雅彦

See Here


Non Communicative Salute


 I The Hacker

The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved.

 I am not a hacker but someone wrote: “Being a [//////…..] is lots of fun, but it’s a kind of fun that takes lots of effort. The effort takes motivation. Successful [/////\\\\] get their motivation from a kind of physical delight in making their bodies perform, in pushing themselves past their own physical limits. Similarly, to be a [……\\\\\] you have to get a basic thrill from solving problems, sharpening your skills, and exercising your intelligence.

If you aren’t the kind of person that feels this way naturally, you’ll need to become one in order to make it as a [.|||||||||….]. Otherwise you’ll find your[……] energy is sapped by distractions like sex, money, and social approval.” see here,,



Stuff for future posts

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113  How to be in Heaven and and  to be an evill…vilain
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137 The Final Reaction


 My Mood

Requiem for a Defunkt Startup State

 Five scenes… associative, distributive…building a hack into….

Requiem Hack..

Requiem Hack..


Marcel Thougths, Salomon Zdunska, Joseph Wola, Marie Awagne, Tovah Djalochinsky, Sarah Bleekhoof…

Event in Z.W.

Event in Z.W.



First Scene:

Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people share their interest in tinkering with technology, meet and work on their projects, and learn from each other.

hackerspaces.org is an informal volunteer network of such spaces, maintaining community services – including a wiki for everyone who wants to share their hackerspace stories and questions, mailing lists, XMPP services, a blog and a feed aggregator, and many others. From around the world, hackers meet on the Freenode IRC channel #hackerspaces.

Waiting in Zdunska Wola

Waiting in Zdunska Wola

Second Scene:


Tel Aviv Makers Intl. (TAMI) is currently the largest hackerspace in Israel. We are an active community of about two dozen hackerspace members, and many more visitors and friends. TAMI is home to many activies ranging from hardware, electronics and woodworking to free and open-source software, biology and food hacking.

The space is open almost all the time, 24/7. Members have keys, and visitors are always welcome!

Event in Z.W.

Event in Z.dunska Wola

Thirt Scene:





“It’s a stinking world because there’s no

law and order any more. It’s a stinking

world because it lets the young get onto

the old like you done. It’s no world for

an old man any more. What sort of a world

is it at all? Men on the moon and men

spinning around the earth and there’s not

no attention paid to earthly law and order

no more.  see here


Code Zdunska Wola 2015

Code Zdunska Wola 1941


My "Many Worlds": an Event...

Fourth Scene


…..research into a cultural universe that seems, like its physical counterpart, to be expanding at an increasing rate.

“The intensity of Boucher’s musical obsessions can make her seem like a mad pop scientist. On her bustling Tumblr page, she keeps track of her research into a cultural universe that seems, like its physical counterpart, to be expanding at an increasing rate. Her followers might encounter a snippet from the Japanese soundtrack composer Yoko Kanno, or a fan-made video set to the music of the electronic producer Aphex Twin, or a recent Selena Gomez single—which, Boucher has discovered, sounds particularly arresting in a car equipped with subwoofers. In her own songs, Boucher takes delight in rewriting the old music-industry story of the female performer in the spotlight and the male mastermind behind the curtain. “It’s like I’m Phil Spector, and then there’s Grimes, which is the girl group,” she says. She got her start in Montreal, part of an underground experimental-music scene, but now she herself is the experiment, as she tries to figure out what “pop star” means in 2015, and whether she might become one.”

see HERE

Event in Z.W.

Event in Z.W.

Fith Scene:

Do Iranian Clerics Dream of …..or

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? see here

“In August 2015, shortly after the signing of the nuclear deal with Iran, the supreme Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei published a book of 416 pages under the title Palestine. The book carries one central message: the urge to annihilate the state of Israel and establish the state of Palestine in its stead. According to Amir Taheri, who got hold of the book early, the three key words are: “nabudi,” which means “annihilation,” “imha,” which means “wiping,” and “zaval,” meaning “effacement.”

Khamenei claims that his strategy for the destruction of Israel is based on “well-established Islamic principles” one of which is that a land that falls under Muslim rule can never again be ceded to non-Muslims. He provides various reasons why Israel, which he terms “adou” and “doshman” (enemy), should be destroyed. First because it is the loyal ally of “the American Great Satan,” second because it has waged wars against Muslims on various occasions, and finally because it occupies the third holiest city to Islam: Jerusalem.

In what has become standard language in the anti-Semitic jargon, Khamenei describes Israel as “a cancerous tumor” whose elimination would mean that “the West’s hegemony and threats will be discredited” in the Middle East. In its place, he boasts, “the hegemony of Iran will be promoted.” The message is hardly a subtle one.

The timing of the publication was no coincidence. It was meant to celebrate Iran’s victory over the “Great Satan,” the United States, and more specifically the “Little Satan,” Israel, which had worked assiduously to forestall the nuclear deal. To propagate his message all over the world, he then prophesized that Israel would cease to exist within 25 years.” See HERE




Encrypt Yourself


Hacking a Street

Hacking a Street




A script as a “Poem”

“Movie Scripts > Citizenfour (2014)
Citizenfour (2014) Movie Script
at this stage, I can offer
nothing more than my word.
I’m a senior government employee
in the intelligence community
I hope you understand that
contacting you is extremely high risk
and you are willing to agree
to the following precautions
before I share more.
This will not be a waste of your time.
The following sounds complex,
but should only take minutes to
complete for someone technical.
I would like to confirm
out of email that
the keys we exchanged
were not intercepted
and replaced by your surveillants.
Please confirm that no one has
ever had a copy of your private key
and that it uses a strong passphrase.
Assume your adversary is capable
of one trillion guesses per second.
If the device you store the private
key and enter your passphrase on
has been hacked,
it is trivial to decrypt…”

Exerpt from CitizenFour ,,,




Come on Baby Share It,,,,,באי נעשה את זה

Come On Baby Let's Do It

Come On Baby Let’s Do It

בואי נעשה את זה

נעשה ולא נשמע ולא נשמע
זה רק הקצוות קצוות קצוות
אני בטלן עיוור שוטה
קסוקר ברבר כופר יפי נפש
החלפתי עדשות לברוח
לברוח לנתק מגע
להתנצל כי שגיתי
המדינה שגויה העם שגוי
לא ריססתי את הקצוות
את העשבים השוטים
לא מצאתי חומר מתאים
המרסס התקלקל

ימין שמאל
שמאל ימין
המרססים בעם
נטשתי את החול בעזרת השם

בואי נעשה את זה
אלוקי הבטון אייזן ברזל
אלוקים השתול בקרקע
בין העשבים השוטים בין הקצוות
מרכבתו התרסקה עלי
אין אלוקים בשמים
מסיר הפחד של סנו נגמר
הם כבר לא מפחדים
הסתדרות חדשה מאגדת
מגדפת צרה עלי ועדות עממיות
הגרגשי האמורי והפלישתי
הריאליטי החדש ערוץ
של  אדוני הארץ החדשים   T V

ימין ושמאל
שמאל ימין
בעזרת השם נתראה בשאול

בואי נעשב את זה

The Sacred Hills and the Heretic

Sacred and Heretic

Sacred and Heretic

אז אני כופר


הם התיירים של השם
מתיירים בארץ הקודש
בכנסיות הנוצרים
תיירי נופש
חיירי האלוקים
המשמר הפרטוריאני
ושם צולים דגים על האש

הם אומרים
שלמדתי אנגלית
ואני יודע מטריצות פונקצית זט
שומע שירי רפ אמינם
ואוכל בשר חזיר
וסופר עד חמש יחידות

הם תקעו יתד בגבעות הקודש
והם תוקעים בי מבטי רצח
אי אפשר להגיד לי יהודי מטונף
כי סומנתי ככופר
לא יהודי
אז אני רק מטונף
אוכל חזיר בהמה
אוי אוי אלוקי הנקמה

מבטיהם הקדושים שורפים
את גופי
לא למדתי פרקי אבות
ופרקי תהילים ותלמוד
ופרקים בעל פה
הם יתיירו גם אלי
אני מפחד
פה ושם בארץ הזאת

אני אשם
כי לא למדתי חמש יחידות
של דקירות
של הצתות
של שנאה בשם הגבעות הקדושות

הם כולם עברו את הבגרויות
בחמש יחידות
תנו אהבה לאלוקים


שמע ישראל

Heretic Book

Heretic Book

הידד לדוקר-Bravo the Stabber



נציג הפוכנוגרפיה הדמית הדתית
נציג השהיד היהודי הכשר
צאצא הטליבנציק היהודי
מן הפרט ועד החידקל

של ביאת המשיח האירני
הפרומו של השואל אותך
מה כתוב בפסוק ז בפרק ז
ישמרני השם

הידד לדוקרים

הם משתחררים מתוך האפלה
עם פעמי הגאולה של
חפירת הרכבת הקלה

הם מתחילים להציף את הרחובות
מן הפרט ועד הגבעות
הוי אדמה קדושה

הידד לכשרות השהידית
טליבנציק שלי
הידד לכשרות בסופר
הבו לנו כסף
מן הכופרים לפאר
אל אלהי צבאות הדוקרים

הידד לשלטון הנלחם בגרעין
משחרר את עולם התרבות
את עולם החינוך
את הגיוס לצבא והמשפם
את הקצבאות מן העול
של הכופרים

של אלה שלא יכולים לענות על השאלה
״מה כתוב בפסוק ז פרק ז בספר ז

הידד לדוקר אותך
המביא מזור לגבעות


ארץ ישראל הקדושה


שישה בני אדם נדקרו אמש במצעד הגאווה בירושלים. מצבם של שניים מהם מוסיף להיות קשה. היתר נפגעו באורח קל עד בינוני. במשטרה אישרו כי החשוד בדקירה הוא ישי שליסל, חרדי ממודיעין עילית שדקר שלושה משתתפים במצעד הגאווה בבירה לפני עשור, ושוחרר לפני כחודש ממאסר


I Like Houellebecq or a Paraphrase on Myself



Why do I like Houellebecq?….Well I like him because….Because what,,,, There are plenty of causes and arguments why I should like him…First of all I am a visual artist, so I see things and  I see Houellebecq in magzines and TV and I see his books and I like that …Does it mean that I read them…not necessarily,,,,This is an absurd position, liking a writer  presuppose that you not only see  his books but that you read them….But as I say, I am a visual artist…So I see what I am drawing but I am not reading it …. I am feeling my drawing …The picture is a map of my feeling …. a code,,,, my personal algorithm witch… wich I cannot read as I read a book ,,,,, So I like Michel  Houellebecq in the same way because when I read him I don’t really read him I see him trough my feelings … I don’t ask who he is…. I am asking who  am I ,,,,,





A footnote:

You the reader, may consider the above writing as a function of two variables: the variable “Houellebecq”  my be Anyone ( …from Aristo to the Hobbits…) and “I” my be You…. or ….

Drawing, Magazine Improvisation or Chance

As a visual artist, when starting a drawing, I never know exactly from where to begin an what shall be the final outcome…I am guided by something I have in mind at the very moment I make the drawing…So it is not a linear process…It is open and by chance…Now when writting an article the process is linear, logical, leading clearly from argument to argument from thougtht to thougtht…But what will happen if I wrote an article like making a drawing: open and by chance…….SEE BELOW:

.3.  Kiedy odkryłeś w sobie potrzebę mówienia poprzez sztukę i czym jest dla Ciebie Twoja twórczość?
How did it happen that you found the art way to express your feelings? What your art means for you?
ANS…To tell you the truth it didn’t happen ..it was always so…some sort of metaphorical singularity  where calculations are meaningless.. and explanations breakdown or in short: I don’t know..so art as a “meaning “ is what I am living consciously and unconsciously…also when most of my life I do other things.

See Here




“Copy comes from the Latin copius, source of abundance. In its essence as a proof of fecundity (the ancient emblem of the cornucopia), “mechanical (and digital) reproduction” today seems more justified than ever in its zeal to impose its scenario and its statute, in a very natural way, on the liquid society of revisionism, cognitive dissonance and “copy and paste”—in which everything is shared, replicated, resuscitated—exerting itself in an inexhaustible game of resemblances, bent on delivering new levels of originality. The texts gathered here by ten authoritative contributors gravitate around the “migration of the aura” (Bruno Latour) and its easy landing places, prompting reflection on many practices of imitation, counterfeiting and falsification, as well as the concepts of authenticity, authorship, autography—and, of course, of copying, good or bad.” see here.


What is he thinking...

What is he thinking..


…I Will Never Know…

….You Will Never Know….





“I have also been greatly inspired by magazines and by the immediacy that a magazine can have on the viewer. You can find it anywhere, it can travel much easier than an exhibition. So, the potential of the printed page, just like the potential of the photocopy as a venue for art, has been with me from the start.

see here




“Improvisation or Notebook”

See Here

The End of Silence

Beer from Leffe and Repopulation Song





Repopulation Song

Repopulation Song and Beer of Leffe


 Footnote as a Song of a non formatted text:

Depopulation Lyrics

“Put Me in Charge of Population Control I’ll Make Sure We Have lots of Room I’ll Make Sure No One Gets Out Alive I’ll Make Sure Nothing Here Can Survive Public Executions Held Daily I’ll Shut Down all the Pharmacies To Promote the Spread of Disease A New Virus in the Water Supply No Food No Shelder Everyone Dies You Have Been Chosen for Sterilzation By the Department of Depopulation Put me in Charge of Population Control I’ll Free all the Prisoners on Death Row Put them in Charge of Population Control Police let Blood Flow on Your Shitty City Streets You have been Chosen for Sterilzation By the Department of Depopulation” Source: see here

and here



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