Auto Draft

How I work. I make pictures manually or digitally or a combination of both. There are pictures that are not good and there are some that are successful, in my opinion. I do not rule out those that are less good (not beautiful) because they do not fit into what is called good art. I will also post the less successful ones (incomprehensible, non-aesthetic-to-hang on the wall) and I know they can say ‘he is not an artist’. I take into account that we live in an era saturated with artificial intelligence and algorithms so one can imagine a world where the technological infrastructure guides us to shape our daily lives as dependent on this infrastructure. And this is also true of what I do as an “artist” (temporary name). That is why the art known as “beautiful art” is different for me. Without naming it, I draw what comes “this way” is the “art” (temporary name). I as a “human algorithm” have a place in the new technology but as flesh and blood alongside the new hardware and scientific theories concerning how the visual world is perceived by us as reality or something else perhaps. (The writing here is a bit pretentious. But it’s not terrible to be curious.)


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