Where are the comics trends


What are the comic trends that are changing today? According to The Bookseller, “The economics of the scene has, in part, driven the escalating popularity of mature readers.” But not all new entries are embracing big markets, experimenting with new content and attempting to survive in the constant competition between Marvel and DC. Young adult books are on the rise in the UK, and the labels ‘Tweens’. According to The Bookseller, ‘Young Audiences’ is on the rise in US. Most of the recent releases are going for between £10 and £15, with lower titles at £8.50. Much of the action is centred on Hunger Games like like YA, which are getting a whopping £23.50. But the same titles will be available for under £12.50 with discounts. Are teen friendly titles expensive due to the costs involved with making them? How important is the social sphere in selling books? Is there a message behind these titles? More importantly, are the titles dying? And what about adults? Are you more likely to buy a memoir about someone’s life or create a series where you take a woman’s avatar to a dystopian future. Modern marketing has brought new enthusiasm to literature, driven by the popularity of this superhero, book-it, read-it and share-it culture. Are new consumers buying at the same rate as when bigger publishers dominated the market? What happened to the more humble craft of writing comics? “Twenty years ago, 15 or 20 years ago, working in the comics industry was the joke. No-one wanted to be in comics,” one editor said to The Bookseller. “I think that, because publishers have been so successful, every writer is now involved in a major publishing group. We do worry that the new generation of people may be too happy about how easy publishing can be.” From behind the scenes, “it’s very refreshing,” one editor says. Everyone hopes it won’t spell the end of the indie comic like Fangirl, which will remain. And there is hope from UK studies showing that traditionally massive publishers such as BOOM! and Bongo are now particularly prominent in taking a lead in developing content.




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