Levinas looking through a Window

Under the extrapolation of Levinas’s Ethic as optic and as a window on The Other, almost all of the visual arts can find a new meaning… :

“The Other (Autrui) who manifests himself in a face [dans le visage] as it were breaks through his own plastic essence, like a being who opens the window on which its own visage was already taking form [où sa figure pourtant se dessinait déjà].” See Film-Philosophy, 11.2 August 2007 Tarkovsky and Levinas: Cuts, Mirrors, Triangulations ,Dominic Michael Rainsford.

I am not sure if Levinas would approve such an extrapolation of his philosophy to the visual arts. But I Iike it because its a powerful trigger to invent new images.

Pseudo “illustrations”:

Levinas looking through a window
I look through a window
Levinas’s Window