Drawing Mental Bodyguards

Yesterday I finished to read Greg Bear’s book “Eon“, a science fiction book.
Most people consider science fiction as having nothing to do with what is called literature. A book like “Anna Karenina“, in contrast to “Eon”, is considered as true genius. Indeed Tolstoy is  a master of prose. His delving into the characters of his personages is powerful.The emotions the book arouse in his readers is long lasting. Many people truly identifies themselves with their beloved heroes.
Eon is perhaps lacking the conventional emotional depth achieved by Tolstoy, but its real tour-de-force lies in his creating an unbelievable clever world view where future Tolstoys shall write their “Anna Karenina” living on the ‘Stone” (..the enigmatic migrating world, arriving into Earth’s  vicinity, from the future ) . This unbelievable fantastic construct has his own emotional emanation and can overwhelm readers inclined to, and understanding, the hard core scientific base Greg bear, the author, is using.
For me Greg Bear’s “Eon” is a mental bodyguard (.. oxymoron?..) protecting me from the usual and comforting banality of everyday life.
In some way building new worlds can be done with a pencil and a piece of paper. They my be interpreted as  mental storyboards intruding in our ‘official’ everyday life , becoming the stories  of intriguing  bodyguards living in our vicinity, just like the Stone from Eon.
Here are a few drawings acting for me as mental bodyguards..

Aunt Sara

Aunt Sara as my mental bodyguard.

mental bodyguard in my room

Imaginary bodyguards

…I draw them out of nothing, out of nowhere, real mental bodyguards…


Porya as a mental bodyguard from my past…


On a final note, my mental bodyguards have many affinities with what is called in Eon a Partial (= Partial: A computer simulation of part of a person’s personality, created in order to carry out a task not requiring the entire person. [Greg Bear, Eon, 1985]) see here.