Bahrain Islamists failed to stop Sexy Haifa Wehbe Show

A few months ago (august 2007) I wrote here about a ban against Egypt actor Amr Waked. A similar story is now surfacing in Bahrain with the provocative singer Haifa Wehbe.
 …”Politicians attempt to ban Arab sex symbol
Lebanese model and singer Haifa Wehbe, known in the Arab world for her raunchy, sex symbol persona, has succeeded where many others have failed by facing down conservative voices in the gulf state of Bahrain.
Wehbe, who has forged a successful career across the Middle East, performed for an invited audience in Bahrain April 30 despite all but one of the members of the Islamist-dominated parliament approving a motion urging the government to ban her perf. The pols were protesting about what they deemed her sexually provocative appearances.
This time round, however, Wehbe has emerged the victor in the battle between moderates and conservatives over artistic freedoms.”…see more.
In more details, I quote,  “Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe, known for her sexy looks and revealing outfits, went ahead with a performance in Bahrain despite an attempt by the Islamist-dominated parliament to stop the show.
“Haifa Wehbe was dressed modestly. She was almost veiled,” Adel Surour, 37, who attended the Wednesday night show with his family, said on Thursday. ‘Her performance was measured compared to her usual demeanour. We thoroughly enjoyed the show.’ Surour said the audience consisted mainly of families, including Gulf Arabs from neighbouring countries.”…see more.
Haifa Wehbe  Dressed with modesty in Bahrain show..
Haifa Wehbe in a Beirut show 2007, see here.
See YouTube video clip here.
Haifa sings in Miss Lebanon 2008 (4th of July) from her new album, Habibi Ana,’My sweetheart’ in Arabic . see here
Another song.
Haifa Wehbe-Wawa Bah! New on youtube,(english subtitles) see here.
I uploaded the post to NowPublic where I am a contributor. Here are the comments.
good stuff: No doubt officials found themselves powerless to resist…

 …Yes, she is irresistible and beautiful…Thanks for the GS.

Barry Artiste news wrangler Barry Artiste  at 02:03 on May 11th, 2008

good stuff:korzac, I like this story. It’s good stuff. Damn, she is a beauty,  she could certainly launch a few hundred warships on looks alone.  Yep, wearing a hijab certainly would be a crime.  I think Jordan and I are envisioning Wonder Woman Outfit would clinch the deal for us!

 Barry, perhaps the Islamists in Bahrain don’t regret to see their ban overthrow by such a divine beauty..


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  1. Peter · May 10, 2008

    She’s a slutty loser. SO are muslims in general, when the front is removed – but what good does she do fighting not for freedom of decent femininity, but freedom to be indecent?

  2. aline chahwan · May 10, 2008

    hi i love you haifa

  3. myriam el khoury · May 10, 2008

    hi haifa i love you so much

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  5. pierre · May 10, 2008


  6. fahim · May 10, 2008

    anti doun moustawa

  7. Nihad · May 10, 2008

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej :)

  8. Mikribana · May 10, 2008

    I love you Haifaa

  9. Amy · May 10, 2008

    Peter you are a loser, your pitiful comment shall fade as the overweight blogger you are would too. Go kiss a frog

  10. Fili · May 10, 2008

    Hey well I’m Mexican and Haifa is in my opinion one of the most if not THE most beautiful woman in the entire world. I love her voice and music even though I don’t understand it. LOL.

  11. haifa fans · May 10, 2008

    i love haifaaaaaaaaa

  12. shahrzad · May 10, 2008

    she is a slutt, her face is pretty but not that much.. with all thoes makeups and fake,slutty styles of her when she sings.. u can say ya she does have good looking face but she doesnt have aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany talent in singing and dancing,,, if me and u know her right now is because she is a well known b…… .

  13. joe · May 10, 2008

    peter u should get laid …what a geek

  14. joe · May 10, 2008

    and shahrazad u know she is pretty and sexy too so stop shouting like a bitch that didnt get paid for her night stand

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